November 30, 2017


We stand with hotel housekeepers. As the current moment sheds light on the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault throughout countless professions, we join together with solidarity and with shared experience to support the women of Seattle’s hospitality industry.

Hotel housekeepers are predominantly immigrant women and women of color who work for low wages at great risk: in Seattle, 53 percent have reported experiencing sexual harassment or assault on the job. Through their leadership, voters passed an initiative in November 2016 to combat through law exactly the types of behavior now garnering national attention and outcry. The Seattle Hotel Employees Health and Safety Ordinance shows that it is possible to craft public policies that support women, embrace our values, and offer workers genuine recourse to respond to harassment and assault.

Unfortunately, these policies are disputed, and employers have attacked Seattle’s law in order to maintain their own power and to silence the women who work for them. The Seattle hotel industry has publicly taken the side of those accused of harassment, arguing on their behalf in court and asserting that the stakes for the accused are greater and more important than those of victims.

To our city’s hotel employers: you are on the wrong side of history. Believe women and protect your employees. Recognize the damaging impacts sexual harassment and assault have on victims and the tremendous barriers they face in coming forward. Do your part to create consequences for guests who harass and assault women on your watch. Be accountable for your role in supporting your employees. Seattle voters have given you a framework to follow. We expect you to follow it.




Staci Adman

Oghale Agbro, Bookkeeper

Erin AlbaneseAttorney

Heather Allen, Server

Myesha Allen, Cook 

Patricia AlwaysRetired Teacher

Pamela Anderson, Server

Michael Andrew, Journalist

J. AngellRetired

Lisa Arana

Danni Askini, Executive Director

Joe Ayala

Sally Bagshaw, City Councilmember

Anne BarlowRetired

Bob Barnes

Christina Beacock, Teacher and Former Waitress

Michael Berndt, Night Auditor

Tsering Bhartso, Mini Bar Attendant

Paul BigmanRetired

Pam BlaumanRetired Union Rep

Loren BlissJournalist/Editor/Blogger

Diana Boice, Director

Marilyn BotcheosFormer Hotel Housekeeper

Marsha Botzer, Community Organization Consultant

Alexandra BradburyEditor

Dale BrightPolitical Director

Sarah Bright, Union Organizer

Rachael Brumleve, Organizer

Rick Brutke

Doug Buman, Multi-State Marketing Coordinator

Edward Butler, Writer

Barbara Byrd, Teacher

Erika Calderon

Ida Calderon, Room Service Server

James CaldwellIT Worker

Kathryn Campbell

Anthony Capobianco

Mark Cappetta

Charles Carnow

Maggie CaroAt Home Mom

Leslie Cassidy

Lindsey Chen, Social Worker

Benjamin ChesterCarpenter

Sidney Chun

Tim ColmanTrail Guide and Nature Art Publisher

Merril CousinExecutive Director

Diane Couture

Karen Cowgill

Glenn Dansker

Colleen Davidson, Student

Ariana Davis

Kenneth DeBey

Hannah Decker, University Professor

Robert Demand

Rik DeskinActor

Lynne Dodson, Secretary Treasurer

Hannah DollingStudent

Cindy Domingo, Chief of Staff

Kadijatou Drammeh, Room Attendant

Sraddha Durand

Theo DzielakBusiness Owner

Joanne Elise Engquist, Lutheran Pastor

Rose ErnstTeacher

Laura EwanAttorney

Annette Ezelle, Retired Elementary Teacher

Jean FallowTeacher

Jessyn Farrell, Former State Legislator

Sharon Fetter

Myrna Fichtenbaum, Retired

Brian Fink

James Fitzgerald

Lucia Flugencio

Sarah FormicaSmall Business Owner

Matthew Franck

Maria Franco

Nancy FunsethRetired Housekeeper, Caregiver

Annie GalarosaRetired

T. Garmon

Katie Garrow

John Geiser

Carl Gendvil

Richard Gillett, Retired

Lorena González, City Councilmember

Katherine Gorell

Nicole Grant, Executive Secretary Treasurer

Lee Gray, Paralegal

Mia Gray

Theresa GrecoRetired

Jessea Greenman

Dr. Linda Griffith, Physical Therapist

David GrovesCommunications Director

VP GuerraSocial Worker

Mozart Guerrier, Nonprofit Executive

Sonia Guevara, Room Attendant

Jennifer Guglielmo

Johnny Hall

Marlene Hamilton

Chandra Hampson, Consultant

Matt Haney, Director

Sylvia Hanson

Kirsten Harris-Talley, Former City Councilmember

Kiku Hayashi, Retired

Esther HechtJournalist

Lisa Herbold, City Councilmember

Isabel Hernandez, Room Attendant

Andrew Heyman

Warren Heyman, Union Organizer

Joel HildebrandtTeacher

Jenny Ho

Harold T. HodesProfessor

Chris Hotko

Liz Hourican

Eunice How

Grace Huang

Kate Hunter

Francisco IrigonCommunity Social Worker

Paula JacksonClergy

Ash JimenezWelder

Daniel Johnson

Jeff JohnsonUnion Leader

Jerry Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Kareen Kanjo

Peter Kardas

Phillippa KassoverCity Councilmember

Josh Kavanagh

Karen Keating-SecularRetired

Angela Kelly

Anne Kennedy

Pete Klosterman, Retired Computer Programmer

Joann Koch

Jeanne Kohl-Welles, County Councilmember

Emily KongchunjiHealthcare

Karina Kunins

Joe Kunzler, Photographer

Jill Landback, Nanny

Abby Lawlor, Researcher

Joan Lawson

Martha Leahy, Retired

Judy LeBlanc, Retired

Joyce Lee

Steve Leigh

May Lim

Teresa Lingafelter, Urban Planner

Lonnie LopezParalegal

Paula LukaszekPlumber

Benjamin LukoffWeb Producer

Tom LuxRetired

Sarah Lyons

Christine MaEducator

Joe Mabel

Erin MacDougall

Nicole MacriState Legislator

Elliott Mallen

Jeff Manzolli, Stagehand

Steve Marquardt, Retired

Jennifer Martinez

Reina Martinez, Room Attendant

JP MarxRetired Traveler

Brian MasonOrganizer

Tagoipah Mathno, Social Worker

Jo Elaine Akemi Matsumoto, Community Activist

Sarah Mayes

Daniel Maynor

Sally McCormick, Bartender

Diane McDaniel, Consultant

Henry McGuire

Kathleen McMahonTeacher

Riddhi Mehta-Neugebauer

Randy Meier, Retired

Tom Melancon, Mediator

Rachel Melendes

Jemima Menkhus, Banquet Bartender

Gabe Meyer, Political Fundraiser

Joseph Mizrahi

Tammy Morales, Community Organizer

Leslie Morishita, Nonprofit Housing Developer

Maria Moritz, Social Worker

Teresa Mosqueda, City Councilmember

Michael Muto

Maria Navarro

Michelle North, Electrician

Kathleen O’Nan, Retiree

Ricardo Ortega

Steve Overton

Elena Pérez, Director

Alan Papscun

David Parsons

Giulia Pasciuto

John Pasqua, Cashier

Nicholas Phillips, Cook

Barbara Phinney

Paule Pierre-Louis, Health Services Manager

Levi Pine

Michael Pineschi

Charlotte Pirch

Rick Polintan, Retired

Marion Pollack

Sal Ponce, Stagehand

Jennifer Pope

Kimberly Porter, Operating Engineer

Robert Pregulman, Self-Employed

Rev Dick Preston, Clergy

Tracy Prezeau, International Representative

Delmy Ramos, Room Attendant

Melody Rauen, Lobby Beverage Server 

Dennis Raymond

Karen Rendon

Cecile Reuge

Kathryn Rhodes, Electrician

William Rizer, Geophysicist 

Laura Robb, Writer

David Robinson, Self-Employed

Jelica Roland

Jonathan Rosenblum

Lou Rowan

Sarah Ryan, Teacher

Michelle Ryder

Sara Sachs, Psychic Medium

Joe Salazar

Joan Sandler, Retired

Kelley Scanlon

Jenny Schar

Scott Schmidt-Cunningham, Student

Karen Schneider, Retired

Seattle Raging GranniesRetired

Mary Ann Schroeder, Meatwrapper

Sheryl Schwartz

Eliana Scott-ThoennesCommunity Organizer

Andrew SheppardRetiree

Margaret Shield, Environmental Health Consultant

Kate Skolnick

Chelsea Skorka

Andrew Sledd

Rita Solano-BeebeUnion Electrician

Deborah SpiegelmanRetired

Erin Sroka, Labor Union Communications

Robby SternRetired

Summer Stinson, Lawyer

Karen Strickland, Union President

Sue StroudRetired

Florence Sum

Katelyn Sypher

Jackie Tabalbag

Evangeline Taylor, Waitress

Kirk Taylor

Eugene TeSelle, Professor

Shann Thomas, Filmmaker

Tamra Thomas, Social Work Supervisor

Janis Thompson, Retired

Lashonta Thompson, Organizer

Domenic Torchia

Lynne Treat, Retired

Danthanh Trinh, Organizer

Cheryl Tseo

Whitley Tucker, Social Worker

Nicole Vallestero KeenanExecutive Director

John Viacrucis, Janitor

Richard Visick

Louie VitalMPA Candidate

Siamak Vossoughi

Ramona Walker, Electrician 

Julie Wall

Tom Walsh, Office Manager

Michael Warren

Sarah Warren, Organizer

Joanne Watchie, Retired

Elizabeth Watts

Davide Webster

Joe Weil, Professor

David Westberg, School Employee

Misty Wheeler, Commercial Electrician

Robert Whelan

Suzanne Wiggins-Ackerson

Rachel Wilkie, Costume Design

Margaret Wilson

Annie Wise, Logistics Director

Karen Womack, Warehouse Lead

Jerri Wood

Rhonda D. Wright, Physician

Effie Yang, Union Representative

Ador Yano

David Yao, Clerk

Erin Yarrobino

Jay Yerex, Organizer

Guy Zahller, Facilities Manager

Robert Zappone, Retired Union Carpenter

Amirah Ziada-Mirziteh, Union Representative

Kristen Ziama


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